Executive Searches

Western HR has years of experience in designing and executing Executive Search and Recruitment projects.  We have successfully provided these services to numerous companies with differing business focuses for a variety of positions.

Our Process

Position Profile

Prior to beginning a search, we will have in depth conversations with our client to gain a full understanding of the position requirements.  We will design and develop a Position Profile which will be used as a roadmap for the search and a tool to promote the position.

Industry Research

We will conduct targeted industry research to identify all potential candidates for the specific opportunity.

Marketing and Promoting the Opportunity

We will promote and market the opportunity directly to as many qualified individuals as possible. 

Evaluation of Candidates

As candidates express an interest in the opportunity, we will thoroughly evaluate those candidates and determine if they are a fit for the position and our client’s organization.

Short List

We will provide our client with a short list of recommended candidates.

Client Interviews

We will assist in scheduling all candidate interviews.  We will communicate with both the client and the candidate throughout the interview process.

References and The Offer

Once a final candidate has been identified, we will perform the final stages of due diligence.  We will perform extensive reference checks and will summarize our finding in writing.  We will act as a liaison between the client and candidate to identify and resolve any concerns.  We will assist in structuring the offer and any other follow up required.

Follow Up

Once a candidate has been hired, we will continue to stay in touch.  We will communicate with both the candidate and the client to make sure the candidate is making a smooth transition into the new role and the organization.